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Forum Main Sessions

When: 14:00 ~ 17:00 4 October (Sunday)Where: Convention Hall in BEXCO 1st Floor

Session 1

Rising Asia – Seeking a Key to Success

Kim Jiseok

Kim Jiseok

Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) Executive Programmer

  • Jennifer JAO

    Jennifer JAO

    Taipei Film Commission Director

  • JLe Hong Chuong

    JLe Hong Chuong

    Vietnam Cinema Department Deputy Director General

  • Lauren Mekhael

    Lauren Mekhael

    Doha Film Institute International Film Finance Manager

Representatives from 4 Asian countries – Qatar, Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea – that come from three major regions of Asia – the Middle East, Southeast Asia, East Asia – will introduce introduce the film policies promoted by their own governments. The presentations will focus especially on sales & distribution policies and pending issues, then the participants will seek the solutions through Q&A and discussions.

WWhen: 09:30 ~ 12:00 5 October (Monday) 2015Where: onvention Hall in BEXCO 1st Floor

Session 2

One Asia – Proposing a New Cooperation Model

Lee jooick

Lee jooick

SCS Entertainment CEO

  • Martin Schweighofer

    Martin Schweighofer

    EFP(European Film Promotion)

  • Susanne Davis

    Susanne Davis

    EFP(European Film Promotion)
    Project Manager

an organization for Asian Film Promotion by studying the case of EFP (European Film Promotion), which was established in 1997 for the co-promotion of European films. As the year of 2015 marks the 11th anniversary of AFCNet (Asian Film Commissions Network), the need for founding an international organization – that can support not only hosting film productions, but also distribution – is rising higher than ever.

When: 14:00 ~ 16:00 5 October (Monday)Where: BIFCOM Hall(1F) in BEXCO Exhibition Hall 2

Session 3

Transmedia – A New Revolution in Film Industry

Kim Jiseok

Michael Brook

Screen Auckland Manager

  • Mickey KIM

    Teng Lee Yein

    ASTRO Malaysia
    Holdings Bhd
    Vice President

  • Teng Lee Yein

    Mickey KIM

    Google Head of Chromecast & TV Partnerships

  • Steve Crombie

    Steve Crombie

    Totem CEO

Along with the panelists from Australia's Totem, which is connected with Youtube via contents partnership, Malaysia's ASTRO, a direct broadcast satellite Pay TV service that provides its contents to Malaysia and the surrounding countries, and Google, the world's largest IT (information technology) company, the participants will explore the definition and potential of transmedia by learning the spheres of activities by these three enterprises.